About Us



Nu Element, Inc. (NEI) is a technology innovation and services company with 18 years of experience and accolades in the Defense Sector. NEI is currently focused in the fire-suppressant market and is testing an exciting new hydrogel alternative to fluorine containing foam fire-suppressants to bring to market soon.  

The Opportunity:              


The oil & gas, military and commercial aviation, battery, marine, and municipal industries have used fluorine-based fire suppressant foams – Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AFFF) for several decades, but these products have resulted in contaminated drinking water with potential human health risks. What is needed is a non-toxic, fluorine-free replacement fire suppressant with equivalent fire-fighting performance without harm to the humans or the environment. NEI is working with the U.S. Government to demonstrate and validate this hydrogel fire-suppressant alternative.